College of Arts and Letters2021-2022

Department of Global Languages and Cultures

Spanish, Master of Arts in Teaching

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish is designed to prepare you to apply the most current methods, strategies, and technologies for teaching Spanish in a classroom environment that fosters cultural diversity.

The M.A.T. Spanish offers a professional foundation in the academic areas of Teaching and Pedagogy, Literature and Culture, and Linguistics to prepare teachers to excel in a rapidly changing classroom with an increasing number of bilingual and heritage language speakers.

Students (both native and non-native Spanish speakers) will be enrolled in graduate-level courses conducted entirely in Spanish. This will allow you to attain a high level of proficiency in the language.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, the graduate students will be able to:

  • develop detailed lesson-plans and assessment instruments, as well as effective activities and resources for teaching secondary and/or junior college level Spanish
  • teach Spanish at the secondary and/or junior college level using the latest methodologies
  • integrate technology into the teaching of Spanish to enhance students’ learning
  • participate in scholarly activities related to the teaching of Spanish in the state of Arizona and in the US
  • critically examine a variety of methods of Spanish Instruction
  • critically examine current theories of Second-Language Acquisition
  • integrate literature into the Spanish classroom to promote cultural awareness and provide context to language instruction
  • develop teaching-related research projects that combine knowledge of the three areas of the MAT program: Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature
  • analyze the linguistic features of the Spanish language at the sound, word, sentence and discourse levels and explain how they change across time, place and social groups

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