Provost Office2021-2022

Business and Administration

Applied Science - Administration, Bachelor of Applied Science

Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Communicate business information professionally (oral and written).
2. Recognize and solve business problems in an ethical manner.
3. Understand core management principles (human resources, organizational behavior, global dimensions, information systems, and leadership, as well as accounting, finance, economics and legal environment).
4. Work well in teams, including virtual settings. Student learning will be assessed upon entry to the program (BBA 300) and upon completion of the program (BBA 490C), as well as a variety of intermediate levels, as well as self-assessment measures of student satisfaction in each class.
In addition, students will meet the following NAU learning objectives for global learning, consistent with the department and program mission statements:

1. Global engagement – Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the interconnectedness and interdependence of the human experience on a global scale.
2. Diversity – Understand and critically reflect upon the nature and consequences of diversity in both the social (e.g., ethnic, religious, cultural) world and the natural environment, and understand how this diversity both alters and is altered in a world characterized by increasing global interaction. 3. Environmental sustainability – Understand the importance of and options for environmental sustainability in local and global terms; understand the range of ethical perspectives concerning the uses of natural resources and the impact of these perspectives on creating a sustainable relationship to the natural environment.

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