Museum Studies, Minor

Department of Comparative Cultural Studies

College of Arts and Letters

Do you love museums? Have you always thought you might want to work in one? This minor offers students the opportunity to explore careers in a quickly expanding and exciting field. Courses cover museum history and tasks museum professionals perform, and internships offer hands-on, real-world experiences.

  • A minor is earned in conjunction with a bachelor's degree.

    To receive a minor (18 - 24 units) at Northern Arizona University, you must complete a planned group of courses from one or more subject matter areas with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. At least 12 units of the minor must be unique to that minor and not applied to any other minor.

In addition to University Requirements:

  • Complete individual plan requirements.

Students may be able to use some courses to meet more than one requirement. Contact your advisor for details.

No more than fifty percent of the units used to satisfy minor requirements may be used to satisfy major requirements.

Minimum Units for Completion 18
Major GPA C
Research Optional

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the MST minor is to give students the opportunity to explore careers in the quickly expanding and exciting field of museum studies. Courses cover museum history and tasks museum professionals perform, and internships offer hands-on, real-world experiences.  Through their exposure to both theory and practice, students become prepared for graduate work in museum studies and a profession in a museum, gallery, auction house, etc. Students explore a wide range of content, including the history of the museum and major issues within the museum world, such as art theft and forgery, repatriation between institutions and nations, and theories regarding practices of collecting art and artifacts. Students will also examine various types of institutions, ranging from 19th century collections of curiosities to large universal survey museums, as well as small museums devoted to local history and culture. Students will engage in active learning through class discussions, visits to museums, presentations, assignments, and projects. They will develop skills in museum practice and the ability to write and speak effectively about complex museological concepts.

Student Learning Outcomes
Students who complete the MST minor will demonstrate and/or gain:

  • an understanding of the history and functions of various types of museums
  • an understanding of key areas of museum practice, to include curatorship, cultural property law and associated practices, museum education, audience development, archives management, conservation and preservation
  • the key features of museum professionalism, to include professional standards and ethics, professional societies and organizations, and career development resources

Minor Requirements
  • Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also successfully complete. For prerequisite information, click on the course or see your advisor.